Rodmell and Southease

HIKER: I had a very damp hiker appear at my door on Saturday evening. He had been sensible and booked to come to me, unlike many who turn up at my door expecting me to always have a vacancy, and then panic because B&Bs on the South Downs Way in this area don't actually appear to be many. My hiker had invested in what was supposed to be the best gear for wet weather, but the torrential rain had managed to seep through his jacket and soak him. After walking from Ditchling to me, he was very relieved to get here. Like all my walkers, he really liked our pub and the food was good.

Friday, 28th September 2018, 6:00 am

PARKING: Oh dear, I hear the dreaded phone only parking meters are now in Lewes. I spoke to someone who lives in Lewes and went to park in The Needlemakers car park, only to find they had to use their phone, so went elsewhere. He tells me he has noticed that a lot of people have stopped using it, as there are often spaces available now. The pay meter in Lewes Football Ground area has had a notice on it for ages now, to pay by phone and cash, payers need to walk to Mountfield Road to get a ticket. Why can’t we have meters that are phone or cash? Is this another age-discrimination problem coming up, although I know many younger people who hate these machines too?

STRESS: Life is getting far too complicated for many these days and I do wonder if what appears to be a huge increase in cancer is a result of all the stress we are put under. In the past few weeks, I have had a stressful situation and it has affected my sight, possibly because I have had several operations on my eyes since February, and also suffer from glaucoma, which is pressure in the eyes, which can lead to blindness. The stress factor affects so many people these days, as is shown in the media, with the problems of mental illness going up.

CAR BOOT SALE: Last week’s Car Boot Sale had to be cancelled because of the weather. It will now take place on Sunday October 7 on Rodmell Cricket Field. £6 a pitch, free parking. Sellers can set up from 8am. Entry for buyers from 9am (free entry). Refreshments available. For further information and to book a pitch, see Rodmell Website If weather is poor, check website to see if car boot sale is going ahead.

HARVEST SUPPER: Rodmell’s Harvest Supper will take place on Friday October 12 at 7.15pm for 7.30pm at Rodmell village Hall. There will be a glass of wine and raffle. The tickets always go very quickly for this occasion, so don’t leave it till the last minute to buy yours. Tickets are priced at £10.

HARVEST FESTIVAL: Sadly, I could not get to the Southease Harvest Festival service last Sunday as I was waiting for friends to arrive from Stoke on Trent for a short stay with me. I love Harvest Festival and I love the gentle simplicity of Southease Church. I hope to make it to Rodmell’s Harvest Festival Service, on Sunday October 14 at 11am.

TV PROGRAMMES: As the evenings draw in, I’m watching more TV and I really enjoy watching Joanna Lumley’s Silk Road and there was also a fascinating programme on Turkey and Istanbul recently, where they used modern technology to show 3D effects on how the really old buildings were constructed. It seems the builders of times gone by really knew how to build to make things last, which it appears does not happen these days, when we have roads and bridges that have been build in the blink of an eye and collapse almost as quickly.

BAD TIME: Mavis Clark seems to be having a bad time coping with large lorries and traffic problems in her area. We are also having very large lorries steaming along the C7. Some are so long and big that I wonder how they negotiate some of our tight bends, especially when they get near The Swan pub at Lewes.

SPRING BARN FARM: It’s sad to see Spring Barn Farm has closed. It always seemed so busy. We had my mother’s 90th birthday party there and had a wonderful time, so it has good memories for me.

FRUIT: I’ve had quite a few people come to pick apples and pears so they are all being used. I hate waste. I also put them in a wheelbarrow outside the house, so people can help themselves. People are very nice they leave me little notes, drawings, empty jam jars, to give to my jam and pickle making friends and lovely thank you letters.