Schoolgirl will miss out on world record hair to raise money in memory of loved ones

An 11-year-old girl is raising money for two charities which work to put an end to the conditions which took the lives of her friends' family members.

Emmileah Anderson (middle) hopes to raise 2,500 after the tragic deaths of Keira Lee (left) and Joy Andrews. Picture contributed
Emmileah Anderson (middle) hopes to raise 2,500 after the tragic deaths of Keira Lee (left) and Joy Andrews. Picture contributed

Smallfield schoolgirl Emmileah Anderson, 11, plans to raise £2,500 for LoveUKeira and Sepsis UK, after her friend Callum Lee lost his little sister Keira to a brain tumour, and another one of her friends, Lily Andrews, lost her mum Joy to sepsis.

On her fundraising page, Emmileah wrote: "The charities I would like to raise the money for are two charities that mean a lot to me.

"I want to let people know about Keira and Joy and what happened to them, their friends and family too. It was really sad what happened to them. I was really upset when I found out.

Emmileah Anderson, 11. Picture contributed

"I want to help stop this from happening to any other children and their families."

Two-year-old Keira, from Smallfield, died a week after being diagnosed with a brain tumour on December 5, 2013.

On Emmileah's fundraising page, Keira was described as a 'very happy, kind, caring and gentle soul' who was 'doted on' by her three siblings.

Horley mum Joy died after organ failure on October 27, 2017, when she was just 41-years-old, and just three days after being taken ill with what first appeared to be flu. Her family said the subsequent post-mortem examination revealed that the organ failure was as a result of sepsis.

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Emmileah, who will be having half of her 50 inch long hair cut at East Grinstead Rugby Football Club on February 22, said she has never had it cut apart from a trim of her first curls when she was a year old.

According to her mum Shannaz Noormohamed, she is also 'only nine or so inches off the world record for the longest hair for a child' but 'chose to give that up' for charity.

Emmileah said: "My hair measures 50 inches long from top of my head to the longest point.

"On February 22, I will be cutting half of my hair off if we reach our target. That will be 25 inches. I would like to raise £100 per inch so that will total £2500.

"Hopefully the fundraising and the event will help save someone and their families in the future."