Scout groups seek adult volunteers for Big Adventure

SENLAC Scout groups are looking for parents to volunteer their time as part of the organisation's Big Adventure.

Local census records show Senlac district Scouts' membership is in excess of 600, with many more on waiting lists.

Scouting values, discipline, aims and methods continue to instil adventure, challenge, laughter, friendship and fun into national and international communities as the largest youth organisation in the world.

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No longer is Scouting for young persons (boys and girls only), but for 'families', all enjoying pursuits and sharing in life skills.

With an age range of six-25 (Beaver Scouts, Cub Scouts, Scouts, Explorers and Network), activity instructors, administrative personnel and incidental helpers can 'all' be part of a social group knowing their offspring can be safe, guided and seen in an environment of positive development to go forward confidently to secure employment as leaders in commerce, industry and community.

But unless parents and families become involved, local waiting lists will not lessen and many young people may not experience the organisation's 'balanced programme'.

Camping is still very much a pastime enjoyed by families. Attending family camps will integrate adults into a common purpose in an environment of social fellowship.

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Appointed leaders (parents themselves), are committed, trained in a recognised qualification, and are stretched by planning programmes and arranging activities in safe surroundings.

Family members (occasional helpers after a CRB check), have delegated responsibilities but without overall responsibility can assist and support objectives, providing vital link in a team atmosphere. Induction can be simple, casual and provided, as convenient.

If you are interested in helping out you can make contact with your nearest Scout Group.

The amount of time offered is your choice '“ every hour volunteered is valuable. You are able to request an observation evening to see Scouting in action.

Join in the Big Adventure and be one of 28 million world members. Contact Harry Saunders, on 01424 211465, for more information.

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