Search for potential adoptive parents

West Sussex County Council is looking for potential adoptive parents to come forward and consider offering a child a permanent home.

As part of National Adoption Week, which runs from today (Monday November 4) to Sunday (November 10), the council is highlighting the need for more adoptive families in the county.

Adoptive parents can come from all walks of life, regardless of their marital status, sexuality, or cultural background.

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Peter Evans, Cabinet Member for Children – Start of Life, added: “Adoption is open to more people than you might think.

“We encourage prospective families from all walks of life to come forward, we are looking for people who can provide stable, loving homes to children who are not able to remain with their birth family.

“We are particularly looking for people who can provide homes to older children – those aged five and over – and to brothers and/or sisters.

“It is a lifelong commitment and - like all parenting - there will be good times and hard times. It is challenging, but the rewards are endless.”

For more information, please contact the Adoption Team on 0330 222 7775 or visit