Single Horsham mum speaks of ‘very emotional’ adoption experience

A single mother from Horsham has spoken of her ‘very emotional’ experiences after she adopted a child two years ago.

Potential adoptive parents are being asked to come forward in a county-wide scheme as part of National Adoption Week (November 4 to 10) by West Sussex County Council.

Jo, of Horsham, had a child from a previous relationship but ‘always wanted’ to adopt.

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She said: “I had a child of my own from a previous relationship, but I knew I would like another child and adoption was something I’d always wanted to do.

“Making that first phone call was hard, but as soon as I did it I felt very reassured that I was making the right choice.”

The single mother added: “Adoption is hard – especially if you are going it alone.

“The process is very emotional, you have to be brutally honest with yourself as well as the social workers and it can feel intrusive, but the end result makes it all worthwhile.”

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The council is highlighting the need for more adoptive families in the county.

It is inviting families from ‘all walks of life’ to consider adoption.

Peter Evans, county council member for children – start of life, said: “Adoption is open to more people than you might think.

“We encourage prospective families from all walks of life to come forward, we are looking for people who can provide stable, loving homes to children who are not able to remain with their birth family.

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“We are particularly looking for people who can provide homes to older children – those aged five and over – and to brothers and/or sisters.

“It is a lifelong commitment and - like all parenting - there will be good times and hard times. It is challenging, but the rewards are endless.”

For more information, contact the council’s adoption team on 0330 222 7775 or visit their website.