Spreading the Aids message

Aids '“ spread the word and not the virus is the message from a team of Bognor Regis Community College sixth formers this week.

The 11 students '“ wearing T-shirts designed by Claire Baker (16) '“ have made posters and distributed leaflets, bookmarks and ribbons to get the message across.

The campaign to raise awareness of HIV and Aids and raise money for the Terence Higgins Trust links into World Aids Day on Monday.

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The students are going to a countywide sixth-form conference at Crawley.

The information they gain there will enable them to act as peer educators and work through assemblies and personal health lessons. They are also organising a raffle.

Emily Butcher (17) said: "We feel really passionate about this and want to make everyone aware."

Diana Ascencao (16) added: "We're the show-stoppers making a difference."

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Personal and health education teacher Heather Ford commented: "The statistics sent to us by the Terence Higgins Trust are shocking.

"It is estimated 70,000 people are living in the UK with HIV and more than a third of them don't know they have it."

The other students involved in the campaign are Bradie Page, Kathryn Hampton, Hannah Fox, Kerry Baker, Laurie Grant-McColgin, Graham Challen, Emma Vincent and Jamie McBurney.

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