Surprise closure announcement from Goodwood-based driving company

After 30 years of creating unforgettable memories for countless people, a Goodwood-based driving experience company has announced its garage doors will be closing come October.
Mithril at Goodwood before restoration in 1993.Mithril at Goodwood before restoration in 1993.
Mithril at Goodwood before restoration in 1993.

Mithril Racing has been based at Goodwood Motor Circuit since 1983, and over the years has assembled an impressive fleet of cars to drive around the track.

However, the established business has made the decision to ‘end on a high’ after a drop in sales over the past year.

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Managing director Chris Taylor said: “Recently Goodwood launched their own ‘driving experience’ company, which in turn has had an impact on us.

Mithril Racing teamMithril Racing team
Mithril Racing team

“It wasn’t until last Christmas we realised that for the first time we weren’t making a profit.

“This year Goodwood has been pushing their ‘driving experience’, and unfortunately there is not enough room at one venue for two operators.

“We decided to stop before we got ourselves into financial trouble.”

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Mr Taylor added that there were no hard feelings towards Goodwood, however all the employees have been ‘absolutely floored’ by the decision.

Mithril at Goodwood in 1987Mithril at Goodwood in 1987
Mithril at Goodwood in 1987

“Goodwood has said they want us to stay, but I think it is best to quit while we’re ahead,” said Chris.

“We love working here – many of the people who do work here do it because they want to, not because they need to.”

Mithril Racing will remain open until October 28, and has confirmed that all gift vouchers for their driving experiences are still valid up until the day they close.

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Team member James Clay said: “Working here has been the most fun – watching the smiles on people’s faces doing something they will remember for the rest of their lives has been one of the best parts of the job.

Some of Mithril's fleet of carsSome of Mithril's fleet of cars
Some of Mithril's fleet of cars

“We have always benefited from the growth of Goodwood, but unfortunately we just don’t fit any more.”

Although it is uncertain what the future has in store for the exquisite collection of cars and the team behind the decades old company, Mithril Racing encourages anyone who has ever wanted to experience driving on the 2.5 miles Goodwood Motor Circuit to book their space before they close.

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