Teville Gate: 'range of household names' lined up for retail and restaurant spaces

A 'range of household names' are lined up for the retail and restaurant spaces in the new Teville Gate development, according to the developer.

An artist's impression of what the site could look like
An artist's impression of what the site could look like

Yesterday, it was announced that the planning application for the new Station Square development has been submitted to Worthing Borough Council.

The plans included a gym, hotel, up to 378 homes and retail and restaurant space.

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Aized Sheikh, CEO of site owners Mosaic, said the interest from 'local and national brands' to move in 'has been significant. He said: “A range of household names are in the process or have indeed agreed terms for the commercial and leisure spaces.

An artist's impression of what the site could look like

"This proves that our initial conviction about the potential of the site, and the attractiveness of Worthing, was absolutely correct."

On Facebook, people have had their say about what they would like to see at the site.

An ice rink was one of the most popular suggestions.

Barbara Locke said: "Councils either agree takeaways or gyms.....break the mold, an ice rink, something new. ....The one at Steyne Gardens was well attended.....A permanent one would bring revenue to Worthing."

Lesley Anne Mates said: "Where is the ice rink? We don’t need another gym, there is one opposite. We need more things to do that will bring more people in to spend money."

Many people were pleased with the designs. Jason Smith leapt to the application's defence after some negative comments on the Worthing Herald's Facebook post.

He said: "And here come all the complaints. Maybe it should just be left as a desolate wasteland for another 30 years."

Tommy Wales added: "I think we can ALL agree that anything is better than what it is now. I personally would love restaurants/bars along the way from the station but with whatever the plans are it’s better than it being a bare concrete jungle."

Referencing Brighton's retail offering, Janine White said: "We need a mall like Churchill Square and things to do!"

What restaurants and shops would you like to see in the development? Get in touch via email or Facebook.