Tom Foolery coffee company is closing its doors after 10 years, 31st March 2024 @ 5pm

As Tom Foolery approaches its 10th anniversary and prepares to close its doors, Bob and Vanessa want to thank everyone who has been a part of our world, whether as a customer, a team member, one of our excellent local suppliers or one of our fabulous artists and creatives. There has been an overwhelming response on Social Media from Tom Foolery loyal customers and friends
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Always more than ‘just another café’ Tom Foolery has showcased amazing art over the years as well as providing pop-up fine dining, local events, parties, open mics, comedy nights, and more. We created a fabulous, relaxed and creative space that has become a hub for meeting friends, socialising and fun on the High Street (not to mention our amazing, fresh, homemade food and specialist drinks) . We have all been a part of this incredible journey serving the local community and we have watched and taken part in Shoreham’s growth and development since 2014.

Despite the challenges faced (flood, fire and plague anyone?), the unwavering support from our loyal customers has been a driving force behind our success. From receiving local recognition to being honoured with the national SmallBiz100 award in 2021, Tom Foolery’s dedication to the community has not gone unnoticed.

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As we bid fondest farewell and hand the reins over to another local champion who will be redeveloping the site and bringing a fresh new (and so exciting!) offer to Shoreham High Street. Bob and Vanessa encourage everyone to continue supporting your local businesses, it is this involvement that creates and maintains a vibrant town centre community.

Vanessa & Bob receiving SmallBiz100 awardVanessa & Bob receiving SmallBiz100 award
Vanessa & Bob receiving SmallBiz100 award

Tom Foolery will be closing its doors on Easter Sunday, March 31st at 5pm. We will be accepting table bookings right up to 2.30pm as we do expect to be busy. Go to:

Review from our opening: