Toy section in Sussex Tesco sparks sexism row

Tesco has been accused of sexism after creating a segregated aisle for girls' toys in one of its Sussex stores.

Thursday, 20th December 2018, 2:19 pm
Updated Thursday, 10th January 2019, 10:27 am
Tesco Extra, in St Leonards. Picture: Google Maps

A picture of a sign in the Tesco Extra, in Church Wood Drive, St Leonards, was posted on social media and showed an aisle created for ‘pre-school toys and girls’ toys’.

Rob Lowe, who posted the picture, wrote: “Come on Tesco. This isn’t really acceptable anymore.

“My daughter loves unicorns and dolls. She ALSO loves robots, dinosaurs, rockets, monsters and lego.

“Don’t make me have to reassure her that this is ok.”

A number of users responded to Mr Lowe to express their agreement including television writer Donna Franceschild who said the lack of apostrophe showed further sexism.

She wrote: “How is she supposed to get to grips with English grammar if Tesco omits the crucial apostrophe indicating the possessive? Perhaps they don’t think girls should be worrying their pretty little heads about that.”

Others agreed there should not be any ‘gender specific toys’ and the sign should simply have read ‘toys’.

However, some users disagreed with Mr Lowe and accused him of ‘attention seeking’ and being ‘easily offended’.

In response, Mr Lowe wrote: “Lots of people very angry on here for some reason. Ironic that so many people are so easily offended about me apparently being offended.

“My point: The sign is an example of how girls and boys are told to act in a certain way and this influences their life choices. Not sure why this is an issue tbh.”

A spokesman for Tesco said: “We agree toys are for everyone and removed the ‘Girls’ Toys’ and ‘Boys’ Toys’ signage from our stores several years ago but it appears that this one was missed.

“We will have it changed to the new signage as soon as possible.”

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