It’s a fallacy that mixing cyclists with pedestrians on the same path is dangerous

A letter last week stated that pedestrians and cyclists should always be kept apart, as it can never be safe for them to mix.

Sunday, 2nd June 2019, 1:08 pm

Firstly consider shared paths like Horseye Sewer near Eastbourne, Shinewater and the Cuckoo Trail.

It is a mix of cycles, pedestrians, powered wheelchairs, buggies, dogs and sometimes horses.

Always a great atmosphere and much safer than where there are motor vehicles.

Here are some quotes from local councils with promenades.

Bexhill: “There have been no significant incidents between pedestrians and cyclists, with only one reported minor accident where a pedestrian ran from the beach across the promenade into the path of a cyclist. There were no injuries and no blame was attached to the cyclist for the incident.”

Worthing: “They only have reports of two accidents involving cyclists in the past three years.”

Seaford: “There have been no reported incidents.”

Bournemouth Council: “The only reported incident they had on record was in 2016.”

Borough of Poole: “There had been no serious incidents involving pedestrians and cycling in recent years.”

There is a definite campaign, by some groups, to vastly exaggerate the actual danger and visitors to Eastbourne are much more likely to be involved in an accident crossing the busy roads, than on the seafront.

Paul Humphreys

Chichester Close