Hailsham bomb 'hoax' and 12 other times the bomb disposal squad was called out in Sussex

A suspected bomb hoax at an industrial estate, a 1,000kg WW2 sea mine and a cache of 80 grenades are just some of the reasons that bomb disposal units have been called out to Sussex in recent years

Thursday, 31st January 2019, 3:56 pm
Updated Thursday, 7th February 2019, 10:01 pm
The bomb disposal squad has been called out in Sussex several times in recent years, usually to deal with unexploded shells from wartime

Following the incident at The Diplocks in Hailsham on Monday night, here are some of the other times that bomb disposal units needed in Sussex.

Bomb disposal experts were called to The Diplocks in Hailsham on Monday, where they safely exploded a device that was found.
This is the moment a 1,000kg German WWII sea mine was safely detonated off the coast of Bognor Regis in May 2018.
This 'potentially live' Second World War bomb was found at Pagham beach in September last year. Bomb disposal experts were called the the device was safely detonated.
A cache of 80 grenades was found at a building site off of Kings Drive in Eastbourne in 2015. The WWII-era weapons were safely dealt with by experts.
An Arundel homeowner was shocked to discover an unexploded bomb whilst cleaning out his outhouse in March 2018. Bomb disposal experts were called the the device was safely detonated.
A bomb disposal unit was called to Worthing after a Second World War switch detonator was found under the pier in September 2017.
Bomb disposal experts were called to Southwater in February last year after a suspicious device was found
Sussex Police evacuated the Grand Hotel, in Brighton, after an anonymous phone call was received alleging there was an explosive device . However the call was later deemed to be a hoax, police said.
This device was picked up by a dredger in Shoreham Harbour in October. A bomb disposal team from HMNB Portsmouth was called, which found that the device was empty and declared it safe.
People were forced to evacuate their homes and schools were closed after an unexploded bomb was found in Peacehaven in September 2017
Last year a bomb disposal unit had to be called to the home of police commissioner Katy Bourne (right) after she found an unexploded World War Two shell in her garden (left)
A 1,000lb wartime German bomb was found by a worker carrying out excavations on a building site near Broadbridge Heath in December 2017. Bomb disposal experts quickly established that the bomb was free from explosives and not live'.
Last month, a bomb disposal team had to be called to Worthing police station in Chatsworth road after a member of the public handed in a bag with a shell and pyrotechnical device inside. The member of the public said they had found it while cleaning a house. (Stock image)