Fuel in Chichester, Bognor, Midhurst and Petworth – where you can get petrol on Friday, October 8

Drivers in the Chichester district and Bognor Regis are updating each other on Facebook as they look to fill up their cars so they can get to work and take their children to and from school.

The move comes after several days of panic buying at the pumps.

Last week, a number of petrol stations in the UK closed temporarily, with BP and Esso earlier in the week warning of petrol and diesel shortages at some of its stations due to a lack of delivery drivers.

Forecourts at petrol stations across the area were left bare following big queues on Friday (September 24) and Saturday (September 25), despite the Government urging people to carry on buying petrol as normal and Transport Secretary Grant Shapps saying that refineries had ‘plenty of petrol’.

Panic buying has led to some petrol stations suffering shortages

The Government also announced on Monday (September 27) that it was suspending competition law to allow oil firms to target fuel deliveries at petrol stations following recent panic buying.

Officials said the move would make it easier for companies to share information and prioritise parts of the country most at need.

Facebook pages and posts have been set up to keep people informed of where fuel is available in Sussex, including the Fuel Updates Sussex Facebook page.