These are the dangerous roads in Chichester readers say must be made safer

'Death trap', 'unsafe', 'rat run' - just some of the terms used to describe the roads around Chichester by Observer readers.

The B2145 was mentioned many times by readers on our Facebook page.

Thomas Hendrie described it as 'overcrowded'. "[It is] unsafe, too many large vehicles using it also. Cyclists obstructing traffic flow. Emergency services held up due to road works etc. It really needs sorting out. Widen road, put in more lay-bys. Tractors racing by missing vehicles by inches. More houses being built in Selsey means more cars on the road."

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Joanne Hutchinson agreed with Thomas adding: "They keep building more and more housing but the road can't cope! Add to your list dangerous pot holes and CFS which has increased traffic as students from the south can't walk or cycle to school due to there being no footpath/cycle route and the whole road. It's the busiest B road in the country, and, having lived just off it for the past 15 years, I don't think it's any exaggeration to say I think the amount of traffic has doubled in that time, including the amount of lorries."

The dangerous roads around Chichester

Rob Bonilla mentioned the lack of footpaths along the road while Tom Harker suggested it should be widened for bikes and pedestrians.

On the topic of cycling, Andi Bone wrote: "It's not safe to cycle around Chichester. Cyclists are then forced to use pavements for their safety thus endangering pedestrians. The whole thing needs an overhaul. There isn't even wheelchair access for most pavements."

Similarly Roy Bailey called for joined-up thinking: "Cycle lanes need their own space, not stealing road space, a future proof plan, designated, continuous trunk routes for cycles, a network that doesn’t necessarily follow the road layouts."

Areas around schools was a concern raised numerous times, as was the safety of children.

Sharron Smith described Stein Road, Southbourne, as a 'death trap' at school times, citing a recent experience where she was almost in an accident there. She added: "It needs sorting before someone is killed."

Anne Elizabeth Bareham wrote: "Piggery Hall Lane, West Wittering and Church Lane East Wittering by the school at the start and finish of the school day," while Sarah Craig added: "Salthill Road in Fishbourne is so busy and really dangerous when walking with kids."

Lizzie Sympson wrote: "Bracklesham Lane near Doms [Italian restaurant] could do with some kind of crossing, especially for the schoolchildren - seeing as in Bracklesham there are now three housing estates soon to be four."

New housing developments were highlighted many times as a factor as to why the roads were becoming increasingly dangerous, with concern developers and planners were not forward planning.

Thomas Mills said: "The B2146 shops and train station down the road from Portal Close - we have 17 new homes that will be getting built but no safe way to get to shops or train station. It's a 60mph country road and no pavement so people are walking on the road to get to the shops and the local transport links."

Sue Paffey wrote: "Clay Lane towards Fishbourne Road East is used as a rat run and with more houses being built it’s only a matter of time before someone coming out of Frederick Road, Albert Road and Westmead Road is going to be killed by speeding cars."

Jo Bate named Blackboy Lane, Clay Lane, and Salthill Road as dangerous, adding: "The amount of cut through traffic has increased a lot lately and the speed at which cars drive is ridiculous and inconsiderate."

Some readers suggested there were a few simple fixes that could improve safety such as clearing cycle lanes, filling in pot holes, introducing speed traps and installing 30mph signs going out of the city.

And Zoe Swainbank was not the only one to suggest that Fishbourne Roundabout needs traffic lights.

Other roads flagged were Maplehurst Road, Moutheys Lane, Sherbourne Road and St. Pauls Road.