This is when improvements works at Lewes’ Earwig Corner junction will start

Roadworks stock imageRoadworks stock image
Roadworks stock image
Improvement works at the Earwig Corner junction in Lewes are set to take place this summer.

Bovis Homes, which is carrying out the works in accordance with a section 278 agreement, said the roadworks would start on June 1 and would last approximately 16 weeks.

The company will ‘seek to minimise disruption as much as possible’.

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A spokesman said: “We have previously outlined to the community that due to the sensitivity of the Earwig corner junction, the works need to be carried out predominantly over the school summer holidays.

“The road space is booked to start these works on 1st June, with a programme of approximately 16 weeks.

“We have made residents aware of this date and will carry out the work in accordance with the section 278 agreement and will seek to minimise disruption as much as possible.

Councillors Johnny Denis and Adrian Ross said residents had raised concerns about the works and a lack of communication about the scheme.

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The roadworks at the junction are primarily focused on installing traffic lights to regulate the flow of traffic turning to and from Ringmer, they explained.

To accommodate northbound traffic waiting to turn right to Ringmer, the plans also include extending the filter lane by widening the road by three metres between the junction and the layby in front of Malling Down.

The pair recently met with East Sussex highways officers to discuss the issues.

Mr Denis said: “Very few residents were even aware of these planned works when we started this campaign.

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“It has been good to hear of their concerns and try to help get East Sussex Highways to mitigate them.”

Mr Ross said they had managed to get some important changes to the design, including getting a hedge planted on the top of the wall to reduce the visual impact and pollution from the wider road.

A spokesman for Bovis Homes said: “We have responded directly to resident enquiries and also have regular communication and meetings with East Sussex Highways, who also keep residents updated.”

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