Uckfield dad hailed a hero after rescuing dog from river

A heroic rescue saw the old year close on a bright note for an Uckfield family and their pet dog.

Friday, 5th January 2018, 1:17 pm
Updated Thursday, 7th June 2018, 11:03 pm
Stewart Povey-Meier with the labrador owner's 'thank you' card and a bottle of champagne

Stewart Povey-Meier, from Manor Park, was out walking his own dog on Sunday morning when he heard a woman crying for help.

Stewart’s wife Jenni told the Express her husband saved the life of a woman’s golden labrador which had got into trouble as it tried to swim in the swollen River Uck.

She told the Express she had got in touch as she wanted to share Stewart’s heroic actions.

She said: “The dog had clearly got stuck and was tired and panicking after being swept away by the current.

“My husband almost got swept away by it too, after trying to rescue the dog and losing his grip.”

Rocks Park Primary School dinner lady Jenni who also works in a community cafe explained: “He was out for a walk with our dog Scooby-Doo and my 14-year-old stepson Josh when he came across a distressed lady needing help.

“The lady’s name was Janet and her dog, Jessie, had got into trouble in the river. Jessie had got into the water near Uckfield Rugby Club but couldn’t get out and was tiring and panicking to get to safety.”

Mum of four Jenni described how Stewart tried to encourage the labrador towards shallower water but eventually had to get into the river to help her find her way out.

The water was up to his chest and he was getting swept along himself.

Josh and Janet ran for help and eventually two other dog walkers came along and helped him out of the river safely.

Thankfully he had already managed to get Jessie out of the water.

He sloshed home with wellington boots full of river water and Jenni said the first thing he wanted to do was have a hot bath.

She went on: “The owner was ever so grateful to my husband for using his instinct to recue her dog.

“She came round to our house later to deliver presents to say thank you.”