VIDEO: 84% of Britons do not understand the calorie content of alcoholic drinks

As a nation, Britons are increasingly aware of the calorie content in the food they eat but can the same be said for what they drink? And how much alcohol is in their drink?
Calorie content of alcoholic drinksCalorie content of alcoholic drinks
Calorie content of alcoholic drinks

New research conducted by Diageo reveals that 84% of people admitted they were unfamiliar with how many calories were in their drinks, while a further 59% of people revealed they didn’t understand the concept of a unit and how much this equated to.

More than half the UK incorrectly believe that when it comes to potency that a standard spirits measure or ‘unit’ is stronger than standard beer and wine equivalents.

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In an effort to address confusion and help people to enjoy alcohol as part of a balanced lifestyle, Diageo is currently rolling out on-pack alcohol content and nutritional information per typical serve across the UK.

Alcohol can be part of a balanced lifestyle - the challenge is giving people the tools to better understand that. In reality there is no drink of moderation, only the practice of moderation.

For further information on how many calories are in a standard drink, what a unit of alcohol is when compared in different beverages and top tips and advice to be mindful of, watch the video featuring Nutritionist Amanda Ursell @AmandaUrsell and Diageo’s Head of Alcohol in Society, Kate Blakeley.

Research conducted July/August 2016 amongst 803 adults (200 of which UK based)

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