VIDEO: Behold wobbly dieters

'˜New year, new you' is not always a happy ending with so many falling off the wagon within the first few days and months of starting a new diet as a New Year's resolution.

Behold wobbly dieters
Behold wobbly dieters

Eight out of ten Brits are estimated to wobble from their New Year diet on the 14th January with 7-8pm marked as the time of the diet apocalypse.

Cravings (52%) top the list of triggers making us fall behind our diet goals followed by boredom (37.5%) and stress (29.2%).

So what do most of the dieters crave for? 52 per cent crave for chocolate followed by crisps (34%), take-away (27%), cheese (26%) and alcoholic drinks (25%).

Research by Hartley’s 10 Cal Jelly Pots has revealed interesting gender, age and regional variances in how diets crumble to snacks and sweets’ galore.

Between men and women, the former are most likely to wobble from their New Year diet on the 5th January in 2017 before the Christmas decorations have even come down.

In comparison, women have more willpower with 14th January marked as the end of their new diets.

Joining us is TV star Charlotte Crosby with her top tips for staying fit in 2017. Crosby has two best-selling fitness DVDs and pledges to prevent the nation from a diet wobble this January!