VIDEO: One in seven young people admit to drug driving

According to the study, one in seven 25-to-34 year olds admitted to driving after taking drugs and over one in 10 confessed that they are likely to do it again over Christmas.
Paul ReddyPaul Reddy
Paul Reddy

Among those interviewed, 24 per cent of drivers confessed to taking cocaine, 66 per cent had cannabis, 16 per cent had ecstasy and 8 per cent even had heroin behind the wheel.

Despite several drink driving campaigns, one in five young people admitted to driving while possibly over the legal alcohol limit in the last few years.

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One in five motorists also admitted to getting behind the wheel after taking medicine, which warned against driving.

A large proportion of drivers said they didn’t read warnings on prescription medicine or ignored their doctors’ advice not to operate machinery.

Road traffic defence experts Slater and Gordon commissioned a survey of over 2000 adults to understand driving attitudes ahead of the festive period when people will be tempted to drive during or after a night out.

Around half of the people (52 per cent) confessed they wouldn’t report their partner, family member (47 per cent) or friend (41 per cent) if they were drink and drug driving.

Road Traffic Defence lawyer, Paul Reddy, at the Slater and Gordon offers a legal perspective on drinking and drug driving.

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