VIDEO: Reach out to a stranger, Bishop of Chichester urges in Christmas message

The challenge of reaching out to the stranger in our midst was at the heart of the Bishop of Chichester's Christmas message.

Dr Martin Warner, Bishop of Chichester
Dr Martin Warner, Bishop of Chichester

Dr Martin Warner, in a video message posted on the diocesan You Tube channel, urged local communities across Sussex to ‘be mindful of those who have left their families behind because they were no longer able to live in the place they called home’.

The Bishop said that the working out of the reality of God ‘living amongst us’ is a challenge recognised by people of many different faiths.

Dr Warner said in his YouTube message: “We talk about (Jesus) living amongst us and we refer to him finding a shelter.

“This surely brings to mind the dismantling of the temporary shelters in Calais and the many young people badly affected by having nowhere to be.”

He added: “I hope that in the year ahead, we can find it in our hearts to ensure that.....those who are most vulnerable will find a home with us.”

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