Cooksbridge, Offham & Hamsey

CHURCH SERVICES: Sunday, at St Peter’s Church Offham, 10.15am Sunday School in the church hall, 10.30am Family Communion followed by coffee in the hall.

PARISH COUNCIL: When Hamsey PC last met there were quite a lot of other agenda items to cover as well as the planning application at Copyhold Farm which was causing concern from some residents and the PC.

RECREATION GROUND: And Village Hall. Cllr MCBrown reported that eh multi use court and the overspill car park were complete but eh contractors at that stage would need to return and mark parking bays and lay a green non-slip surface to the court, which I am sure is all done by now. A company had contacted the PC to ask if they could put a textile recycling bin on site. They would keep the area in good order and pay a monthly rent. Council thought this could be trialled and may fit well with the recycling bin that the chairman was looking into with LDC. The hall Trustees would need to agree. Cllr Ginn was not keen to have any bins as he felt they may encourage fly tipping. Council considered three quotes received for upgrading the hall kitchen. These were £11,220; £9,642.91 and £8,150. Cllr Baughan proposed accepting the lowest quote, which was seconded and greed by all. The contractor was known to be reliable and competent.

CORRESPONDENCE RECEIVED: Council noted an email from a resident who felt the parish council precept charge was higher than neighbouring areas, however the precept for Hamsey parish is just £17,226 compared to £30,524 in Barcombe and £54,963 in Plumpton where the average for band D is £83.04 compared to just £69.54 n Hamsey.

BEACON LIGHTING: November 11 plans. The chairman will liaise with Cllr Smith of East Chiltington PC as the lighting will be a joint event at 7pm. All Cllrs will try to attend the service at St Peter’s Church, Offham at 10.30am on Armistice Day. Cllr Ginn will lay the wreath on behalf of the council.

PARISH EVENT: The chairman reported that plans for the parish event, to be held in November, are going well. Invitations will go out to all residents, including new residents at Chatfields. £200 has been donated by the Malthouse Way Residents Association.

ENVIRONMENTAL ISSUES: A report from Cllr Baughan has been circulated. Cuts are planned to the Lewes Tip and opening hours have been reduced to 9am to 4pm. There were problems with ESCC refusing to pay the grant of £169 offered to the parish council when they had to appoint a contractor to cover the mowing of verges in Cooksbridge after ESCC announced in April that they were cutting just twice each year, instead of the necessary six cuts. The PC appointed a contractor who is struggling to meet the requirements ESCC laid down in June. The chairman and clerk will meet with ESCC as the parish will need to fund the mowing again next year.

POLICE/N WATCH ISSUES: Diesel has been syphoned from a vehicle in Downsview car park. The PC Chairman met with a security expert and concerns were raised over safety of individuals as well as vandalism. The hedge is considerably higher than the 1.2m maximum height as recommended by ‘secure by design’ rules for car parks. Cllr Kinch was going to speak to residents whose property surrounds the area to get opinions. The chairman will speak to LDC about the lamppost which could convert to a security light on a PIR.

The next meeting for Hamsey PC is Thursday November 8 at the village hall, Cooksbridge, 7.15pm.