LENT: We have been following the Chichester Diocesan Lent course here in Falmer. The different sessions are centred around paintings and discussions follow about the message of the painting and what we can get out of the various threads. It is an interesting idea and the conversations can be fascinating. If you want to see for yourself, go to the Chichester Diocese website and search for the Lent course where you will find all the paintings.

EXHIBITION: Our upcoming exhibition in St Laurence church will be unveiled at our Easter vigil service on Easter Saturday. I have been working hard on my painting but so far true inspiration has failed me. I am sure the other artists will come up trumps with their work. The exhibition always seems to fall together somehow. We include poetry if any of you feel inspired the theme is Saints and Angels.

WHEELIE BINS: Love or hate? It seems people have mixed feelings about our new wheelie bins. Personally I am delighted with ours, but we are happy (and have the space) to have it at the front of the house. Others prefer to have them hidden away, in which case they have to be brought through the house on collection day.

CONCERT: The concert previously advertised as taking place on March 17 has been moved to Sunday May 6 at 5.30pm.

WEATHER: Our garden is a quagmire, getting anywhere means risking sliding over and landing in a bath of squelchy mud. As I write, the sun is actually shining and I hope we will have a spell of good weather so that everything can dry out a bit. Of course if it gets too dry, this mud will harden to a rock-like substance which will be almost as bad.