CHURCH SERVICES: Church of St Andrew and St Mary the Virgin, Sunday, 10am Parish Communion. Wednesday, 10am Holy Communion.

CHROMATICS CHOIR: Assemble on Monday at 7pm.

FLETCHING SINGERS: Rehearse on Tuesday at 7.45pm.

ART GROUP: Meet on Wednesday at 1pm.

MARTIAL ARTS: Kobudo Martial Arts meet on Thursday at 5pm.

NOVEMBER ENTERTAINMENT: On Saturday November 3 at Piltdown Golf Club there is another Fletching Big Breakfast at 8am. Gilly Halcrow will give a tribute to the men and women agents of the SOE (Special Operations Executive) Churchill’s Secret Army, who were parachuted behind enemy lines in World War II to organise resistance in Countries that had been occupied by the Nazis. The talk follows a full English Breakfast and should conclude around 10am. Tickets at £15 each can be purchased from Richard Sargent Tel: 01825 790458 or sargemf@hotmail.com. All welcome. In support of Fletching Church.

100 YEARS AGO: Sussex Express 18 October 1918. The Woman’s Part. Nuts in Cooking by Margaret Osborne. It is a curious thing that we eat nuts after meals or between meals, but seldom at meals, and although they are a valuable food, we do not reckon them as food at all. Ordinary Britons regard them as an amusement, and vegetarians attempt to recommend their consumption as a kind of painful duty. But food rationing, which has altered so many of our habits, reasonable and unreasonable, may modify this one also.

Varieties of Nuts. The nut harvest this year is a very large one. America is growing this year a crop of peanuts worth thirty millions sterling. Kentish cobs are plentiful at 1s. 6d. a pound, and walnuts are abundant. We shall probably get few chestnuts; the Italians who grow them need them as a substitute for bread. They are, in fact, a very good makeshift for bread and butter.