Rodmell and Southease

FILM CLUB: Today, Friday, Rodmell Film Club will be showing The Square. It is said to be a fascinating, shocking, hilarious and uncomfortable mirror into the society we live in. Sounds almost like my Parish Pump at times. Do come and support these film evenings, as people work hard to put them on for us. All screenings start at 7.30pm and entry is £3 per person. Drinks, ice cream and popcorn are usually available. It is advisable to bring a cushion as the village hall seats are rather hard. Also bring a torch to see your home after, as we don’t have street lights.

ELECTRICITY: I heard on the news this morning that electricity is probably going up. As these villages do not have gas, that means we will be having more to payout than those in towns. One of the prices you pay for living in a rural village!

CARE FOR THE CARERS: I went to a meeting for Care for the Carers at the View Hotel in Eastbourne on Wednesday September 26. It was the most beautiful day and I thoroughly enjoyed the drive over. Eastbourne looked really beautiful and along the seafront, it was so clean. If you are a carer, I can thoroughly recommend that you get in touch with Care for the Carers as they are a wonderful organisation that helps so many people and their staff are lovely. Talking to other carers is a real eye opener at what they have to deal with and the most talked about ‘bone of contention’ is the amount of people that many know who are using the benefits system as a prop when they don’t need to. Meanwhile, carers are using years of their lives doing a job they don’t in some cases want to do, but have to, for no money at all, saving the government billions in healthcare.

NUMBERS: Numbers, numbers everywhere. As one gets older and the brain shrinks, remembering numbers gets more and more difficult and the word seems to exist on numbers now. If you have several bank cards, accounts etc, you are supposed to have different codes to stop fraud, phones at car parks need numbers, the doors in Mike’s nursing home all have codes one is expected to remember. Stop the world, I want to get off, it’s all too much. I hear this moan so often now, so don’t feel so bad about joining the chorus of ‘numpties on numbers’.

FUNNY REMARK: I heard what I thought was a very funny remark on the radio, as said by a child at his grandmother’s funeral, when his parents said they weren’t sure what to do with her ashes. ‘Get rid of them’, said the child, ‘She doesn’t need them now.’ A child’s mind has no inhibitions, they come later.

AUTUMN: I love this time of the year (apart from the spider invasions into the house). The days have been pleasantly warm and sunny. The autumn colours are now appearing and there are berries for the birds in abundance. The flowers in my garden have taken on a new lease of life after the rain, especially the cosmos which has been wonderful.

FRUIT: People are still coming for my apples and pears, and if anyone likes crab apples, I have some. I love going into the orchard on a frosty morning and picking a rich red crab apple off the tree and crunching it. The juice is sweet but dry and I think exquisite and they make a lovely jelly. I do not charge for my fruit, it is there to share.

ADRIAN ORCHARD: I love Adrian Orchard’s piece that he writes in our Parish Magazine as he has a wonderful sense of humour. Keep writing Adrian.

WRITING: Whilst sorting out one of my many plastic boxes recently, I found a piece from The Argus, which read The Best Writers are in The Argus. It was dated December 31, 2002 and looking down the list, to my surprise was Cherry, Pauline – Rodmell. I don’t remember this happening but it brought back memories of my writing for the Argus all those years ago.

JAZZ: I forgot to mention that I went to a lovely evening of Jazz, at the West Gallery of the Church at Hurstpierpoint, recently to hear singer Julie Roberts and pianist Michael Hinton. I was much impressed at the Hurst Festival as they had so many lovely things on. The organisers need to be congratulated.

CAR BOOT SALE: Last week’s Car Boot Sale had to be cancelled because of the weather. It will now take place on Sunday on Rodmell Cricket Field. £6 a pitch, free parking. Sellers can set up from 8.00am. Entry for buyers from 9am (free entry). Refreshments available. For further information and to book a pitch, see Rodmell Website If weather is poor, check website to see if car boot sale is going ahead.

HARVEST SUPPER: Rodmell’s Harvest Supper will take place on Friday October 12 at 7.15pm for 7.30pm at Rodmell village Hall. There will be a glass of wine and raffle. The tickets always go very quickly for this occasion, so don’t leave it till the last minute to buy yours. Tickets are priced at £10.

HARVEST FESTIVAL: Rodmell’s Harvest Festival Service, on Sunday October 14 at 11am.