Waiting list girl rushed into hospital

NANCY Amor, the 16-year-old disabled daughter at the centre of a waiting list row, was has been rushed into hospital.

Nancy, whose mother Karen has been fighting for better medical support for Nancy and her disabled son Greg, 11, for over 16 years, developed a severe lung infection.

She has also been waiting for 27 months to have major spinal surgery at the Royal Orthopaedic Hospital in Stanmore, Middlesex.

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When Nancy was put on the waiting list for a bed it was just six months.

This week Karen, of Warwick Road, said her daughter s current illness was because she was still waiting for the operation.

"The twist in her spine is causing food to be refluxed into her lungs causing an infection and breathing problems.

"She is on antibiotics and has now to be fed through a tube slowly over 24 hours, not three times a day," said Karen.

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"I am desperate. They have told me it is a direct result of not having this operation and she could go into heart failure."

On Tuesday the Stanmore hospital said it was currently negotiating with the family about a date for the operation.

A spokesman for the Conquest Hospital said since Nancy s admittance, her consultant has been in touch with Stanmore and a date has been suggested for mid-March.