Walk through Bluebells raises funds for assistance dogs in Haywards Heath

A ‘relaxed stroll’ through the Bluebells has raised money for a charity which trains dogs to help people with disabilities.

The Big Haywards Heath Bluebell Walk raised £227 for assistance dog charity Canine Partners.

More than 20 dogs, and more walkers, turned out for the walk, which started at Ab Fab Dogs Care in Paul’s Lane.

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The money raised from the walk will help Canine Partners to train more assistance dogs to help people with disabilities, including wounded servicemen and women.

Julie Brewer, organiser, said: “It was a bright, relaxed stroll, mostly through woodland trails.

“All the dogs had lots of fun playing together from little Ember, the miniature dachshund, to mighty Monty, the flat coated retriever.”

Canine Partners provides specially trained assistance dogs to help people with tasks such as opening and closing doors, undressing, unloading washing machines, taking card and cash from ATMs and everyday tasks disabled people find difficult, painful or impossible to do themselves.

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Andy Cook, Canine Partners CEO, said: “We are delighted The Big Haywards Heath Bluebell Walk raised £227.80 for the Charity in our 25th anniversary year.

“We do not receive any government funding and rely solely on donations so the money raised will help create more canine partnerships, transforming the lives of disabled people through our amazing assistance dogs.”

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