WATCH: Learn how to make the perfect pancake

It's Shrove Tuesday, so hopefully not too many of you will be in a pancake panic!

Pancake Day
Pancake Day

The children have already warned you that they’ll be expecting a lovely warm stack of pancakes for their tea when they get in from school and, if we’re being honest, we quite fancy one as well.

But do you always end up with a smouldering lump of batter in the bottom of the pan, and a hungry, disappointed family staring you down in the kitchen?

Never fear! The Pancake Kitchen, in Seaham has raced in to rescue our tummies!

Pancake Day

Simon Haley from the County Durham-based company has shared his fail-safe recipe with us - all you need to do is pick your favourite topping or filling, sweet or savoury, and tuck in!

Take a look at our list of ingredients below to make the batter, and watch the video to find pancake perfection!

RECIPE (makes around 15 pancakes)

*110g plain flour

*2 large eggs

*200ml semi-skimmed milk

*75ml water (mixed with the milk)

*50g butter

*Pinch of salt

On Tuesday, the Seaham eatery is open until 6pm to ensure Pancake Day goes with a bang! There is also a 10% off all pancakes offer in place and a specials board menu of pancakes for £1, and extra toppings at 50p.

If you really can’t stomach making your own, let Pancake Kitchen treat you!