Watch: Rapturous celebrations in Brighton as England score

Brighton beach was the setting for rapturous celebrations among England fans as Harry Kane made it 2-0 from the penalty spot this afternoon.

Picture: Eddie Mitchell
Picture: Eddie Mitchell

Following John Stone's opener, the skipper powerfully hammered home from 12 yards to emphatic celebrations from fans watching the game in the sunshine on Brighton's beach.

And those who turned out for the big game would have even more reason to celebrate as England scored another three in the first half thanks to Jesse Lingard, a second for John Stones and a second from the penalty spot for captain Kane.

It was only the fifth time a nation has managed to score five first half goals, and the first since Germany managed it against Brazil in 2014.

Picture: Eddie Mitchell

This is also the first time England have scored more than four goals in a World Cup game - surpassing the last time they scored four in the 1996 World Cup final.

A third from Harry Kane - England's sixth - capped off a 6-1 win and qualification to the Last 16.

Video: Eddie Mitchell