Flooding photo from last week shows impact on Chichester village

One reader sent in a photo and commented about the impact of Storm Henk on their Chichester village.

Storm Henk impacted many areas across the UK last week. South Mundham, near Chichester was experienced significant flooding across the village and a local child’s worry about missing school because of it.

Caroline Woodroe said: “When the flood arrived last week after storm Henk and we took the photo it was still school holidays so therefore did not affect school run. However, on the B2166 off the roundabout of Hunston towards North Mundham, a flood took over both sides of the road over the kerbs and has been there now since Storm Henk.

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"This area is very prone to flooding and has had flooding over the road a few times over the last few months. The photo we took is in the village of South Mundham where we live with William aged 7. William said ‘I’ve never seen so much flood water here, and this floodwater might stop me from being able to get to school’.

The flood water in the village has now dispersed in South Mundham. The photo taken shows seven-year-old William Roe-Dale (who attends Oakwood School in Chichester) in the flooded road going through South Mundham, near Chichester.

Caroline Woodroe added: “Southern England was hit with 20-30mm of rain last Thursday, with 35mm recorded in this area. It comes after disruption caused by strong winds in Southern England and rain from Storm Henk, leaving already saturated local fields around Chichester prone to flooding.”

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