Sussex weather: Find out when rain is expected this weekend

As we head into the first weekend of July, here is what the weather has in store.

Jo Farrow from Netweather says: "The weather is heading downhill this weekend, as Atlantic systems make their presence felt, bringing cooler temperatures and the threat of showers, which could be heavy and thundery by Sunday.

"If you can get your weekend off to a start on Friday evening, it will be warm, dry, and sunny. Ideal for sitting outside with hardly a breeze. But the change won't be far off, starting on Friday night with the risk of a few sharp downpours. Many places should miss them though. There will be a scattering on Saturday morning with more cloud and just a few bright spells but improving through the afternoon.

"Sunday will see more cloud and mist along the coast, with some heavier showers during the day, even the risk of hail and thunder inland.

There could be heavy showers this weekend

"Friday’s heat won’t last into the weekend. For Saturday, Crawley could reach 21C with alight SW breeze and 18 or 19C along the south coast. It will feel warm and close with strong sunny spells. By Sunday everywhere will feel a bit fresher with temperatures up to 17C with a light SW breeze."

Check your latest local forecast here.