Your latest Bank Holiday weather for Sussex

Unusually it looks like there will be plenty of sunshine and decent temperatures across Sussex for the Bank Holiday weekend.

The words ‘Bank Holiday’ are often associated with grey skies and rain, but the Met Office forecast is currently showing no showers for the rest of the month.

Instead, tomorrow (Saturday) is due to have some cloud but sunny spells up to lunchtime and then clear skies for most of rest of the day.

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The temperature should rise to around 25degC with little wind and the UV index will be high around lunchtime, so the advice is to seek shade during midday hours, cover up and wear sunscreen.

Sunday is due to be cloudier and a degree or two cooler, while Monday looks set to be the best day, with lots of sunshine and temperatures up around 27degC, with a high UV level.

The rest of the week is also looking good with a mixture of cloud and sun, although a few degrees cooler.