West Sussex in top five safest regions in the UK for digging projects

New analysis of search data from Digging up Britain 2023 has unveiled that West Sussex ranks as fifth safest region in the UK when it comes to residents protecting themselves from the risk of injury or fatality when doing a digging project, behind Dunbartonshire, Anglesey, Perthshire, and Midlothian.
Burst waterpipeBurst waterpipe
Burst waterpipe

Conversely, the Shetland Isles have emerged as the UK’s most hazardous digging hotspot, closely followed by Argyll and Bute, Northamptonshire, West Yorkshire, and East Riding of Yorkshire.

The study, conducted by LSBUD, the UK's leading online resource for safe digging, sheds light on both the safest and most hazardous digging hotspots in the nation. It achieves this by analysing the proportion of residents in each area who prioritize searching for pipes and cables prior to commencing digging activities against the population density.

The UK's Safest Digging Regions:

Flood disruptionFlood disruption
Flood disruption
  • Dunbartonshire
  • Anglesey
  • Perthshire
  • Midlothian
  • West Sussex

The UK's Most Hazardous Digging Regions:

  • Shetland Isles
  • Argyll and Bute
  • Northamptonshire
  • West Yorkshire
  • East Riding of Yorkshire
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With Brits undertaking 3.75m digging projects over the past 12 months, the scale and volume of activity is clear to see. The nature of these at-home digging projects ranges from digging in trampolines, putting in new sheds and fixing fencing, through to drainage work, building conservatories, installing heat pumps and planting trees.

Richard Broome, MD at LSBUD, comments: “It is truly inspiring to witness the growing awareness among the British public regarding the need for precautionary measures when undertaking digging projects. The increasing number of individuals diligently searching before they dig is a positive sign that the message of safe excavation is gaining traction.

"We urge everyone to embrace the habit of thorough underground searches before commencing any digging activity. By taking this simple yet crucial step, we can significantly reduce the risk of potential hazards. Remember, it's not just about protecting property and avoiding costly repairs; it's about safeguarding lives. A few moments spent searching beforehand can spare us from serious injuries, costly consequences, and even tragic outcomes.

"Let's continue to foster a culture of responsible digging, where every project, big or small, begins with a comprehensive understanding of what lies beneath. Together, we can ensure a safer environment for ourselves, our neighbours, and our communities."