Westergate House residents and staff complete their 100 mile South Downs Way Challenge

During June, residents and staff at Westergate House Care Home set themselves a challenge of walking the distance of The South Downs Way, 100 miles, using the track at the front of their home in Fontwell and raising money for Sage House and Dementia Support.
Challenge completedChallenge completed
Challenge completed

Walking around 65 laps a day, Westergate House completed their challenge on a day which coincided with their open day on Saturday 1st July.

The Challenge has been very well received, and during the month long activity, Westergate House have welcomed, visitors, family and friends and of course loved ones who came and helped out with the challenge.

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"It has been such a fantastic month long activity," Head of Lifestyles at the home Lee explains. "Not only have we had so much fun, we have raised over £500 for Sage House and Dementia Support. We won't know the final amount until everything has been totalled up by the charity, but every resident, staff member and family member should be proud of how well they have done. Getting out in the fresh air and enjoying the warm sunny weather has really helped and we have seen how much it has benefited individual residents."


Using the turning circle at the front of the house, residents and staff had to walk around it 2000 times during the month in order to complete the task.

General Manager of Westergate House Paul Middleton-Russell said: "Our residents have been amazing and really got behind the challenge, getting out as much as they could, or encouraging family members to clock up a few laps while they visited. The activity has had a real positive effect on the mental health and wellbeing of our residents, to raise an amazing sum of money for Sage House is a bonus. We look forward to finding out the final title."

Residents and staff at Westergate House have enjoyed the challenge so much, that they have now decided to complete a new one, a much bigger one. All will be revealed very soon. Watch this space to find out more.