Worthing burglar bites captor

A Worthing woman had a fright when she heard a burglar coughing in her flat.

Police have just revealed details about the incident when John Vassilis, 44, of Brighton Road, broke into a ground floor flat in Warwick Road at 5pm on Tuesday, March 16.

The woman, who was home alone, came out of her bathroom to see Vassilis grab a laptop and run out of the door, grabbing a bicycle on the way which he attempted to ride off.

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Police said the victim saw two people she knew in the street, a woman in her 60s and her son, and shouted at them to stop the man.

The pair then grabbed hold of Vassilis before they were joined by the victim .

The mother, who was on crutches, pushed one of them into the spokes of the bicycle to stop Vassilis from getting away.

She was then bitten by Vassilis in the ensuing struggle but the three managed to detain him until the police arrived .

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Vassilis was arrested, interviewed and charged with burglary and assault.

He has since pleaded guilty to both offences and is due for sentencing on Thursday, April 1, at Worthing Magistrates' Court.


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