Worthing goes to the polls: 2014 local election results

COUNCILLORS and nominees for seats on Worthing Borough Council are waiting on tenterhooks this afternoon awaiting the results of this years local elections.

Results will be announced from 2pm
Results will be announced from 2pm

The count will begin shortly at Impulse Leisure Centre, in Manor Road, Lancing, with results set to be announced from around 2pm.

The Herald team are at the count and will be providing live updates as the results come in.

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Keep an eye on the website and the Herald’s twitter account (@Worthing_Herald) and Facebook pages for information as it breaks.

A full list of candidates is below and results will be added as they are revealed.

Overall turnout for Worthing was 35.97 per cent for the European elections and 34.44 per cent for local elections, while postal votes made up just over 11% for both.

Experienced politician Steve Waight lost to UKIP in Durrington, with UKIP’s Susan Jellis winning with 526 votes.

Sean McDonald took Northbrook from the Lib Dems’ Diane Jones. He said:”I’m absolutely delighted. It has been an exhausting campaign.”

Castle ward winner Luke Proudfoot (Con), said; “It was very close, I was quite nervous and I always knew it was going to be close between myself, UKIP and the Lib Dems. I was out most nights after work and at weekends.”

The Conservatives ran out victors in Heene, but the Greens were a surprise in second place.

Diane Guest, the victorious candidate, said: “I am over the moon. I have got to say thank you to everyone.”

A tearful Bob Smytherman, who saw off the UKIP surge in Tarring to win for the Lib Dems, said he was relieved to win.

He said: “I am sorry to my Lib Dem colleagues who have lost their seats today but I am grateful to be a Lib Dem, who will hold the administration to account.”

In Goring, Conservative Mark Nolan polled over 1,400 votes, nearly 600 ahead of UKIP. He said: “We are fighting pretty hard on the issues that matter and we are not going to let other parties deflect attention from the matters people want to talk about.”

Gaisford victor Kevin Jenkins (Con) said: “I’m absolutely delighted. It’s a great day for the people of Gaisford and the people of Worthing. It’s been a good result for the Conservatives.”

Another win for the Conservatives occurred in Marine, with Edward Crouch eclipsing the challenge of former mayor Charles James, of UKI. He said: “It’s good news for Marine ward. I’m absolutely committed to making sure the votes I have got are put to good use.”

Louise Murphy (Con) held Offington after John Rogers resigned. She said: “I’m elated. I’m ecstatic. I am over the moon. I took nothing for granted, I have invested into the community,”

Worthing’s first Green seat went to James Doyle in Central ward, beating the Conservatives by just nine votes. He said: “I am so pleased for everybody who worked incredibly hard on this campaign. The first step is convincing people the Green Party is going to count for something.”

2014 candidates


John Apsey (Lib) - 272

Richard Battson (Green) - 202

Elise Mason (UKIP) - 691

John Turley (Lab) - 288

Vicky Vaughan (Con) - 754


Daniel Aherne (Green) - 388

Jim Deen (Lab) - 324

Luke Proudfoot (Con) - 702

Dave Shipley (UKIP) - 653

Nick Wiltshire (Lib) - 414


Chris Allen (Lib) - 188

Peter Barnes (Lab) - 362

James Doyle (Green) - 610

Alex Harman (Con) - 601

Malcolm Milne (UKIP) - 559


Guy Chadwick (Lab) - 152

Jackie Cranefield (Lib) - 345

Susan Jelliss (UKIP) - 526

Fiona Ramasami (Green) - 50

Steve Waight (Con) - 494


John Dawkins (UKIP) - 537

Kevin Jenkins (Con) - 874

William Morris (Green) - 317

Dimitri Seirlis (Lib) - 300

Joe Thornton (Lab) - 312


David Aherne (Green) - 217

Trevor England (UKIP) - 817

Margaret Harris (Lab) - 305

Mark Nolan (Con) - 1435

Trudi Starling (Lib) - 186


Michael Finch (Lib) -158

Diane Guest (Con) - 714

Jill Guest (Lab) - 222

Rick Setford (UKIP) - 498

Stefan Sykes (Green) - 507


Edward Crouch (Con) - 1114

Pat Izod (Lib) - 189

Charles James (UKIP) -692

Melanie Muir (Green) - 264

Alex Wagstaff (Lab) - 298


Philip Dufty (Lab) - 86

Mike Jelliss (UKIP) -328

Diane Jones (Lib) -169

Katherine Kohl (Green) -54

Sean McDonald (Con) - 355


Toby Brothers (UKIP) - 798

Louise Murphy (Con) - 1240

Stephen Nethercott-Cable (Green)- 164

Ann Saunders (Lab) - 191

Linda Williams (Lib) - 194


Val Capon (Lib) - 173

Pauline James (UKIP) - 988

David Lace (Lab) - 236

Heather Mercer (Con) - 1011

Julia Owen (Green) - 181


Mike Barrett (Lab) - 354

Callum Buxton (Con) - 601

Valerie Ellis (Green) - 199

John Harwood (UKIP) - 526

Yvonne Leonard (Lib) - 298


Michelle Forsyth (Lab) - 218

Ross Johnson (Green) - 196

David Messer (Con) - 470

Adrian Price (UKIP) - 664

Bob Smytherman (Lib) - 714

Lancing Parish Council

Manor North

Carol Albury (Con) - 382

Stuart Douch (Lib) - 74

Lionel Parsons (UKIP) - 194

Ann Saunders (Lab) - 73

Mash Barn

Douglas Bradley (Lab) - 145

Patricia Izod (Lib) - 201

Jason Lock (UKIP) - 448

Angie Mills (Con) - 265


George Bell (Ind) - 74

Clive Burghard (UKIP) - 599

Cyril Cannings (Lib) - 118David Devoy (Lab) - 305

Mumin Elshahri (Con) - 571

Sompting Parish Council

Cokeham South

Alun Jones (Lab)- 115

Jean Turner (UKIP)- 254

Kay Vincent (Lib)- 257

Peverel South

Patricia Allwright (Ind) 129

Raj Dooraree (Lib)- 110

David Lewis (UKIP) - 255

Tony Nicklen (Ind) - 96Melanie Rubin (Ind) - 82

Gina Scotting (UKIP) - 210