Youngster from Horsham beats tallest mountain in north Africa

An inspirational eight-year-old boy has become one of the youngest people ever to climb Jebel Toubkal, the highest mountain in northern Africa.
Caleb White climbed the tallest mountain in Northern AfricaCaleb White climbed the tallest mountain in Northern Africa
Caleb White climbed the tallest mountain in Northern Africa

Caleb White, from Horsham, travelled to Morocco to trek the 4,167m mountain over two days with his father, Dan White.

Dan, 34, said: “Caleb is just great with heights, he’s not fazed by them at all.

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“He’s dead chuffed, the fact that so many people were calling him a hero made him realise that he had done something really special.”

The fearless Caleb is no stranger to hiking having already tackled Snowdon in two hours and 15 minutes.

Dan admitted there were struggles with the altitude but said his son’s ‘fighting spirit’ got him through. The pair started their day at 6.50am, climbing for up to ten hours each day.

He said: “When we hit the summit it was a great moment, there were people up there who burst into spontaneous applause when they saw him.

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“There was such disbelief that they took photos with him as if to say ‘look at this!’”

Dan added that the pair’s guide did not know of anyone younger than Caleb to have reached the peak of the mountain. His father said it was a special moment to see his son reach the summit.

He added: “I was quite emotional, I had a big old lump in my throat, I’m so proud.

“We really enjoy spending time together, I’m planning on taking him on a lot more trips, he’s got the bug for it.”

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