Councillor’s ‘false claims’ after success of recycling service

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In my last letter to the Sussex Express (October 2018) I ventured the view that Councillor Ient was without shame. Why you ask?

At the time he was brazenly claiming a victory for the introduction of the new recycling service in the district, despite not having an iota to do with it.

I’d rather hoped, perhaps a little naively, that my letter of last year would deliver a prick to his conscience and, if not apologise for his blatant distortion of events, he would at least choose to keep his own counsel on the matter going forward.

Alas fellow readers, as my blessed granddaughter has so cleverly just said, ‘fait encore, grandad’, yes, he has done it again.

Last week in the pages of the Sussex Express, Councillor Ient again claimed to be responsible for our new recycling service.

Councillor Ient, sir, you are not responsible for our excellent new service, you’re track record in waste and recycling is only fit for the municipal dump.

And may I add, the Sussex Express, a most venerable of local newspapers is undeserving of your disingenuous flimflam.

Councillor Ient, desist sir or your constituents will choose to put you in the same place as their recycling, in the bin!

Professor Timothy Carter

Spithurst Road,