Getting the language right makes all the difference

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Whatever you thought of Donald Tusk’s reference to ‘A special kind of hell’, at least he got the pronunciation etc right!

Europeans are justly proud of their individual languages, dialects and vocabulary and especially the French who get either very cross or shrug their shoulders at the ignorance of those who mispronounce/misuse their language.

Regardless of the Brexit debacle, if we misunderstand/misuse our very rich language, there is no hope that any official/unofficial information on Brexit or anything else may not suffer a dire fate.

SMESH (Social Media Expressive Short Hand ... just invented that one) isn’t entirely to blame as journalists from time to time leave out ‘the, to, from etc‘ that can not only make the article difficult to read but could also change the meaning.

Equally getting the context right is essential as the SMESH ‘Lol’ could be ‘Laugh out loud’ or ‘Lots of love’ or ‘Loads of loot’.

When I’m working on a script I review, review, review to check for unintentional misunderstandings or interpretations.

So, the nominee for the worst misuse in this category goes to FLOOR, which seems to be used inside or outside regardless of location by the media at large in addition to anyone being interviewed. What’s wrong with GROUND?

Rod Colley

Corsica Hall