I hope people do not fall for Theresa May’s withdrawal agreement

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Joan Ballington appears to believe that the country is being “taken down ... for the benefit of the ultra-right-wing rich” and demands we should stay in the EU or hold a second referendum on leaving (letters, January 11).

I was under the impression that the 2016 Referendum was won by ordinary people voting against what the establishment wanted and defying the government, big business and the oligarchs who benefit from keeping out competition by lobbying in Brussels.

It is not “ludicrous” to expect government and Parliament to honour pledges both before the referendum and 2017 general election to leave the EU and restore independence to the United Kingdom.

The current chicanery by remainer MPs in Parliament is to suggest another referendum with the options being either May’s Withdrawal Agreement or remaining in the EU, the difference being that under May’s deal we remain in the EU in all but name but without the right to influence the rules.

I hope the British people will not fall for that trick.

Michael Staples

Grove Road,