LETTER: Katie Hopkins: A sorry episode

I have read the various letters and articles that have been published about the visit of Katie Hopkins to Lewes with interest and bemusement.

The focus of these has been on the issues of freedom of speech and the behaviour of a number of individuals. The actual issue was about safety.

In one letter Cllr Susan Murray says she is ‘deeply ashamed that mob rule has triumphed in Lewes’ while completely ignoring her responsibility to the residents of Lewes by voting against the motion to cancel the booking for the event and herself allowing safety to be compromised.

Indeed Lewes Town Council abrogated it’s responsibility to protect it’s buildings, staff and residents by allowing the event at the All Saints Centre to go ahead.

Sadly only Green Councillors voted for the motion and all Lib Dems voted against it. In fact I have been told that the Lib Dem group decided to oppose my motion before it had even been discussed which is considered bad practice.

There are numerous issues the council needs to address in the wake of what happened I hope it will do so. None of the councillors who voted against the motion to cancel the booking for the event come out of this sorry episode with any credit.

Cllr Tony Rowell

Stansfield Road, Lewes