LETTER: Keep the station open please

Lewes Train station SUS-171008-091540008
Lewes Train station SUS-171008-091540008

Closing Lewes Railway Station on Bonfire Night will be a disaster for many of the “local people” that the Bonfire Society spokesman claims concern for in his odd “League of Gentlemen” style statement.

On a normal working day, “local people” who work in Haywards Heath, Gatwick or even the dreaded London will be forced to take leave from work, lose pay or potentially lose their jobs.

As Cllr Catlin says, bonfire could also be an excuse to promote our beautiful town to “outsiders”, bringing in crucial revenue to support our struggling shops, restaurants and pubs which are staffed by “local” people. Surely now bonfire is also much safer for spectators now that the use of bangers in the parade is restricted.

Come on guys, cut the Stalinist dictats and open the train station.

Sid Hilton

Leicester Road