LETTER: Problems have ensued

Your readers may be aware of the problems which have ensued as a result of the Parking Shop’s move to Lewes Library on July 2.

Already hard-pressed library staff are now dealing with all public enquiries concerning parking permits, visitor scratchcard parking permits, and parking fines.

Permits are now obtained on line (although this is by no means straightforward) but the scratchcards have to be collected in person.

There are many who do not have access to computers so they will need to visit the library. While the Parking Shop was open six days a week, the library is only open for 4.5 days.

With Universal Credit coming into operation in the autumn in this area, this can only be claimed on line. As there are computers for public use in the library, this will cause an additional workload for library staff who will also be dealing with those claimants who will not be familiar with the new system, nor computers.

This will therefore be an additional call on the volunteer computer buddies. I wonder if they, or the library staff, will be given any training for this?

When will the library staff find the time to do the jobs for which they were trained and recruited - i.e. running a library?

They show remarkable patience and endurance with the many, and now increasing, calls on their time.

The working hours of Parking Wardens have been extended and they now work from 7am to 10pm.

It will be interesting to see a cost/benefit analysis and whether the fines received exceed the additional cost of their wages.

Dee O’Connell,

Friars Walk, Lewes