LETTER: Timetable changes

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Re Berwick and Glynde stations (East Sussex). I have recently seen the revised time-table for Southern Services as from 20/5/18.

We are a retired couple living at Arlington, near Berwick station, relying on Govia Thameslink Railway for travelling regularly to Eastbourne, Lewes and Brighton, and from time to time to London Victoria.

It is appreciated that increased services are necessary for your commuter traffic, especially to London and Brighton, and at peak morning and evening hours. However, for the rest of your non-commuter traffic in this area, the impact of the proposed new time-table shall be negative in various ways, both to residents and tourists.

We must not have reduced services during the day not serving Berwick and/or Glynde. Furthermore, the last evening train from Victoria should remain as it currently is, i.e. stopping at Berwick at 00.04 hours. We consider these modest proposed changes are reasonable and trust that GTR shall consider the matter and incorporate them in the new time-table.

Derek J Connolly,