Newhaven a dumping ground - who do we want representing our town?

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Ref to Nick Baxter’s letter on the dumping ground for Newhaven for waste from hospitals.

I quite agree with him from my own experience these decision seem to be made long before they are published.

We have to reconsider who we want for our local councillor with the May elections drawing near.

You, the people of Newhaven, who do you want to represent your town?

We need to elect a new council, someone who will listen to the people not just for their benefit.

Councillors are elected to represent the people but you never see them.

We all need to preserve our planet, not turn our town into a dumping ground for incinerators.

The ozone layer is a major environmental problem and will remain so until significant action is taken to control the issues of pollution and the state of the environment becomes a worldwide concern.

D Myles

Brands Close

South Heighton