Not a benign trading bloc

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I have been following the contributions of people extolling the virtues of the EU in order to justify staying in the organisation.

A continued membership that could only be achieved by dismissing the referendum result together with ignoring the wishes of the 17.4m majority vote with the consequence of trashing our country’s democratic process and undermining the rule of law that underpins it.

As many individuals more eminent than me have said over the years, to do this would set our society on the slippery slide to chaos,

Most sensible and reasonable people understand this but some try to get around this inconvenient truth by saying the referendum was only advisory.

So it needs to be asserted yet again that the referendum and its wording was initiated by an act if parliament supported by the vast majority of MPs.

This was subsequently endorsed by the then prime minister, David Cameron’s pledge that parliament would diligently carry out the decision of the people.

Also included in the adulation of the EU are the benefits of belonging to such an extensive economic organisation.

In this respect it seems it needs to be made quite clear the EU is not some benign trading bloc - it is a political entity set on a political course. A European project.

If its existence was just for the purpose of trade there would probably not have been any need for a referendum.

I refute the view that polls show leavers have changed their minds. I can point to polls that show the opposite and that many remainers have accepted the referendum decision and want the Government to ‘get on with it’.

I believe this is in no small part due to the general realisation of the EU’s federal purpose clearly demonstrated during the negotiations and encapsulated in the question everyone should ask themselves, who would want to belong to a club where the management felt it necessary to punish a member for exercising their democratic right to decide to leave, in order to intimidate the remaining members to ‘toe the line’ and not follow the same course?

Raymond Cade,

Mill Close, Heathfield