Open letter to our MP: Dear Maria Caulfield,

We write this Open Letter to you and the readers of the Sussex Express, in the hope of getting a response from you, our MP.

As representatives of two key groups in your constituency: Seahaven Staying In and EUnity Lewes, we would like to highlight that we have consistently tried to engage with you on the issue of Brexit, and yet we have largely been ignored by you, our elected representative, as shown below.

More than a month ago, on Sunday 22nd April Seahaven-Staying In, and EUnity Lewes, delivered 400 postcards to your office from very concerned constituents about Brexit, but there has been no response at all as yet. These postcards include very real worries from the people that you represent such as concerns including Human Rights, Trade, Job Security, Agriculture – the Dieppe-Newhaven Ferry - but you haven’t even acknowledged their receipt.

You have consistently claimed to have conducted a ‘Brexit Roadshow’ to discuss your constituents’ concerns about Brexit. However, these events were very poorly publicised, and we have been unable to ascertain the dates / location of when and where they actually took place. When we have queried on Twitter and via your website contact form, whether some of these roadshow events actually happened, for example, in Seaford (referred to in an email to EUnity Lewes, 26 March 2018) you have failed to reply to us (email from Seahaven Staying-In dated 9 May 18.)

In addition, on 31 March 2018 you promised on Twitter to EUnity Lewes that you would hold a ‘Brexit Roadshow’ meeting in Lewes ‘in the next few months’ and yet it is nearly June and we have heard no plans for this event.

We are also concerned that you are ignoring wider engagement with your constituents on the issue of Brexit. As an MP on the South Coast so close to the continent, it seems very strange to us that of all the 43 topical issues on your website, there isn’t one single issue which refers directly and specifically to Brexit.

Please could you let us know how you plan to engage with the majority in your constituency who have concerns about the numerous impending impacts of exiting the EU.

Janet Hardy-Gould for EUnity Lewes,

Brighton Road, Lewes

Alun Tlusty-Sheen for Seahaven Staying In,

Marine Crescent, Seaford