Paradox of pro-Brexit letters

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I am struck by two features common to many of the pro-Brexit letters you publish.

One is to portray the UK as a helpless victim of the Brussels bureaucrats.

Another, paradoxically, is to make a pretty good case for Remain.

This is particularly true of the letter from M J Murphy of Heathfield.

The letter deplores the rudeness of EU leaders to our Prime Minister and points out that the ‘EU are not our friends’.

Hardly surprising since we have chosen to leave the EU and assert our right to set the rules for this departure in the face of the opposition of the remaining 27 members.

The letter goes on to point out that ‘Many companies or their factories have been encouraged to leave the UK and relocate in EU countries’.

Of course they have moved, they want to continue to sell their products to the EU – their shareholders would be very miffed if they didn’t.

The fact that their British employees are now jobless is tragic collateral damage and a miserable loss to our economy.

The letter doesn’t mention that our Government offers incentives to businesses moving here – how many millions did it cost to get Nissan to move so successfully to Sunderland.

I wonder how long will they stay, in the current climate?

O F Darlington

Bradford Road,