Proposed construction of Newhaven Port Access Road Bridge can only improve Newhaven’s traffic flow

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I note from the planning application published in the Express on Friday, January 4, that it is proposed to construct a Newhaven Port Access Road Bridge over the Newhaven-Seaford Branch

Line and Mill Creek.

If permission is granted for this, and the Railway Authority concerned make no objections to the scheme, then I suggest that there can be no way in which any objections can be provided which can prevail against the construction by the Highway Authority, of a similar Newhaven North Quay Access Bridge over the Lewes to Newhaven Branch line with associated road construction from a point on the A26 to a point on North Quay adjacent to the incinerator.

In 2018, as part of the flood prevention scheme for Newhaven, a substantial earth bank was constructed extending from the A26 towards the river, and it does not take much reasoning to see why that bank cannot be extended and raised so that it is incorporated and surfaced to produce the required road access to a road bridge over the railway to North Quay.

Such road access to North Quay would not only immediately remove the necessity for commercial lorries from having to negotiate the level crossing twice when travelling to and from the incinerator or other activities on North Quay, but would also considerably decrease the substantially high air pollution which is already occurring in the vicinity of the swingbridge over the river.

Finally, is the relevant planning authority concerned going to define the exact route which lorries must adhere to when travelling to and from the bridge over the Railway and Mill Creek? After all there are two possibilities.

If, as already regularly happens, road traffic on the A26 is at a standstill from the junction with Avis Road to the Flyover, then traffic can (and does) divert via Avis Road in order to gain access to the A259 at Denton Corner and then westward to the B&Q roundabout and the Newhaven Port Access Road.

Richard Beckett

Fairholme Road