Quiet Lanes improve safety for everyone

MP Maia Caulfield speaking in the House of Commons
MP Maia Caulfield speaking in the House of Commons

Last year a constituent of mine was knocked from her horse by a car on Spatham Lane, leading to her hospitalisation and the destruction of her horse due to its severe injuries.

Since then I have been working on the problematic issue of speeding on our country lanes.

It is not just a concern of equestrians but of cyclists, walkers, and sensible drivers. Having worked with district, county, and parish councillors in Ditchling, Westmeston and Streat I have investigated the possibilities of Quiet Lanes being implemented on a select number of country lanes in the area.

Quiet Lanes allow for easier and safer use of roads by multiple users, including vehicles, equestrians and cyclists.

This typically includes a reduced speed limit and other signs which request drivers to be mindful of other road users.

I started a Parliamentary petition to raise awareness of the issue, and have been out in and around Ditchling speaking to local residents about the issue and collecting signatures for the petition.

Following this, many residents have also requested copies of the petition and have sent in their own versions of the petition meaning that it has surpassed my initial expectations and grown to over 1,300 signatures.

This is clearly an issue that many residents are passionate about, and will certainly be an issue that I will continue to work on for local residents.

I will soon be presenting the petition in Parliament and will be sure to let residents know the outcomes. I’d like to pass on my thanks to the many residents who have signed the petition and also to everyone who has gone out of their way to publicise the petition and collect signatures on my behalf. I certainly wouldn’t have been able to get so many signatures without the support of local residents. I will be certain to convey the strength of local feeling on the issue when I raise the matter in Parliament.