Sould I laugh or should I cry?

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I don’t know whether to laugh or cry. At the East Sussex County Council meeting in Lewes (October 16) I asked the Leader of the council about its readiness for a no deal Brexit.

Note that Lewes District Council has undertaken impact assessments and drawn up mitigation plans. However the county council has not.

But the Leader of the county council was confident that no impact assessments were necessary saying: “I am confident as Leader of this council that we have sufficient control over the business of this council to account for anything that happens post-Brexit.”

Remember this is the council that hurriedly decommissioned Warwick House, Seaford’s support for older folk, less than four years after it was commissioned. And while struggling with fly-tipping decided to introduce tipping charges.

Additionally it’s financial management means it is likely to follow Northamptonshire Council into effective bankruptcy. Laugh or cry? These incompetent decisions are just a dress rehearsal for what will follow should our Government foolishly or incompetently crashes out of the EU with no deal.

By the way both county and country are ‘led’ - if this be leadership - by the Conservative Party, which once upon a time saw itself as the party of competence.

That’s well behind them now, to our great and growing discomfort.

Malcolm Pither

Cornfield Road, Seaford